Machine-Vision Lenses

Image-recognition systems are becoming indispensable in semiconductor manufacturing as processing becomes increasingly precise. Kyocera Optec has developed exclusive lenses for "machine-vision" applications to meet the latest high-precision requirements.

Fixed Magnification Lenses / Variable Focusing Lenses

Applicable to various purposes as inspection instruments including. mounted devices for precision components, substrates, or LCDs which help factory automation or QC standardization.

Variable focusing lenses (conjugate distance changes according to magnification) are available as well.

High Resolution Lenses

While objects are continuing to become miniaturized, the need for high-resolution is increasing according to the development of image processing technology. We offer custom lens solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Fixed focus telecentric lenses (5 Mega- pixel)
Magnification : x0.18
Effective F-no. : 6.0
Image-object distance : 247.0mm
Working distance : 130mm
TV distortion : 0.1% or less
Monitor resolution power : 2000 TV lines
Depth of field : +/-0.95mm
Image size (max) : 2/3 inches
Mount type : C-mount
Dimension : φ74x99.36mm (dia.)
Fixed focus telecentric lenses (5 Mega- pixel)
High resolution variable focal lenses
Magnification : x0.2 to x0.6
Effective F-no. : 7.4 to 10.2
Image-object distance : 176.1 to 105.1mm
Working distance : 132.0 to 51.3mm
TV distortion : 0.1% or less
Monitor resolution power : 1000 TV lines or over
Depth of field : +/-7mm(x0.2) to +/-1mm(x0.6)
Image size (max) : 1/2 inches
Mount type : C-mount
Dimension : φ36x26.6(x0.2) to 36.3mm(x0.6)
High resolution variable focal lenses

Zoom / Motorized Zoom Lenses

Customers can select any magnification arbitrarily without exchanging the lens. In particular, the motorized zoom lens offers high durability and high accuracy in the zooming position thanks to the biaxial direct acting drive system with precise ball screw and stepping motor, which is different from conventional cam system. The illumination unit (coaxial/oblique illumination), drive controller and software for variable magnification are supplied optionally.
Zoom Lenses

Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric Optical Systems offer minimal fluctuation in magnification over changes in working distance, which allows for effective and even coaxial illumination. It is very well suited for precise measurement or monitoring and is employed in many of our optical systems.

→Available products (Telecentric Lenses) (pdf/44KB)
Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric-Ordinary Lens Comparison

Ordinary lensThe light beam of telecentric lens is parallel to the optical axis. Therefore the lens diameter at top-end would be larger than object size, in case of object side telecentric lens.
Telecentric Lens