Business Introduction

"Quality" - Our Invariable Manufacturing Principle

Image:Design, Lens Processing, Mechanical component fabrication, Assembly, Inspection

Kyocera Optec meets social and industrial needs in creating products that are highly innovative with a solid foundation in quality.

Our manufacturing process ensures quality in lens element design and lens processing through stringent checks, mechanical component fabrication, optical assembly and inspection.

Product Design

We take pride in ensuring extremely high technological standards, which allows us to deliver optical designs in visual, laser, and a wide range of other fields.
Our expertise in designing mechanical devices which conform to the difficult space requirements of optical equipment is another asset that we have at our disposal.
Product Design Product Design

Lens Processing

We conduct lens processing including curve generation, grinding and polishing, centering and coating. However, it is our meticulous quality control that makes the substantial difference.
Lens Processing Lens Processing

Mechanical Element Processing

Every measurement is thoroughly analyzed to maintain lens performance by ensuring that the optimal qualities of a lens are always drawn out.
Mechanical Element Processing Mechanical Element Processing


"Skill" is the key to quality, and an attribute that we pride ourselves on. We have even gone to the extent of developing innovative controllers in-house to further heighten assembly precision.
Assembly Assembly


All of our products are closely and repeatedly inspected through original methods reflecting state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure precision and quality prior to delivery to our customers.
Inspection Inspection