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Striving to become the best as we move forward

Kyocera Optec, originally founded in 1949 as Tomioka Optical and Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Ome City, Tokyo, has constantly developed leading-edge lens manufacturing technologies since its early days. In 1974, the Company started manufacturing Carl Zeiss Lenses for Contax cameras through technical support from the Carl Zeiss Foundation in Germany; which were regarded as being among the world's highest quality lenses. Since joining the Kyocera Group in 1983, the Company has diversified its product focus and brought new standards of excellence to a wide range of optical equipment manufacturing fields.

The Company offers its excellence in the areas of design, measurement and manufacturing; the three pillars upon which we have built our reputation for providing solutions for our highly creative customer demands. Kyocera Optec's expertise, combined with our innovative spirit, has allowed our customers to expand the limits of their application technologies.

We will continue to push the boundaries of optical science so that we will always be able to provide the utmost in service and support to our customers in the ever-changing marketplace.

Fuminori Yamagiwa

Corporate Motto

Respect the Divine and Love People

"Respect the Divine and Love People"
Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably,
respecting people, our work, our company
and our global community.

Management Rationale

To provide opportunities for the material
and intellectual growth of all our employees,
and through our joint efforts, contribute
to the advancement of society and humankind.